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Our Treatment Process



Each initial consultation is a 30 minute appointment. In this time your clinican will gather information on your injury, assess your injury and provide hands on therapy. If you are able to provide any scan results or referral letters prior to this please do email them to the office on These will be attached these to your clinic file allowing the Physio to access them before your appointment.  


In most cases a few follow up sessions are required so we can do manual therapy and progress your home exercise programme so you can be proactive in your own recovery.


If for any reason we feel like your injury needs expertise outside of our scope of practice we will arrange an onwards referral to either your GP or to a private consultant. This will be at the discretion of your healthcare provider to approve this referral.


Areas Of Expertise

We offer a hands on approach looking not just looking at why the injury may have occurred but how to treat it and  more importantly how to prevent further injuries in the future.

  • Physiotherapy

  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation

  • Bracing Service

  • Clinical Pilates


Our Services

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