Therapy Services

Your body isn't a machine, and one part can have an effect on another, so we take a holistic approach to rehabilitation - not just patching the injury, but getting to the root cause and strengthening you to prevent re-injury. 

Assessment & Diagnosis

The Tools You Need


Some of the ways we treat include Pilates, stretching, hands-on soft tissue therapy, taping, muscle name a few. 

In some cases, it can become clear that you may need additional intervention from a consultant. We have close links with a number of consultants across the south coast, and can liaise with them to get the best result.

Treatment & Therapy

Patient-Centered Treatment

Female Patient

Following on from your diagnosis and treatment provided by your physiotherapist, we understand the importance of continued care. This why we do our upmost to ensure that patients understand we are always available to advise/assist whenever needed.

Continued Care

Putting You First

Physiotherapy Session

Any surgery can be detrimental to both your physical and mental health, thats why our physiotherapists will go above and beyond to get the best results post operatively and support you during that difficult period.

Post - Operative Care

Getting you back on track

Patient with Healthcare Nurse